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10 injured in shooting at concert in Udon Thani

POLICE are hunting for a youth who opened fire at other youngsters during a fight between rival groups after a concert in Udon Thani had ended in the wee hours of this morning (Sept. 2) injuring 10 of them with four in serious condition, Sanook.com said.

The concert at  Khlong Thom market in Mueang district had ended at midnight but some youths had not yet returned home with a quarrel then breaking out among them.

Police are hunting for one of the youths, only identified as Mr. Ram, 22, who had just recently been released from jail and had a full body tattoo, as he had opened fire at the concert-goers with a .38 pistol.

The four badly injured who were quickly taken to the hospital were identified as Ms. Siriporn, 27, Ms. Anisara, 17, Mr. Teerayut, 25, and Mr. Athipong, 35, with the latter shot in the chest and abdomen.

Ms. Prang, Teerayut’s girlfriend, said she had come to the concert with her boyfriend and as they were leaving shooting erupted and they quickly ran out but he got shot in the right shoulder. She added that her boyfriend did not quarrel with the gunman and it is likely he got hit in the crossfire.

Siriporn, 27, said she was walking towards her motorcycle when she heard the sound of gunfire and suddenly felt pain in her right arm and fainted. A friend then brought her to the hospital and she has filed a complaint against the gunman with the police.

Pol. Col. Jamorn Andee,  superintendent of the Muang Udon Thani police station, later said it was likely that the suspect was high on drugs and randomly opened fire at the concert-goers.


The scene of the shootout after the concert ended in Udon Thani. The Thai headline says, “Bloody concert.” Photo: Sanook.com

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