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Rally in front of prison in Bangkok, and yellow-shirt one in Sukhothai

PROTESTERS are setting up a stage and getting ready to camp overnight in front of Bangkok Remand Prison where some of their leaders are incarcerated after one of them, Mr. Jarupat  Boonpattararaksa, or Phai Dao Din, was released, Thai Rath newspaper and Sanook.com reported this evening (Oct. 23, 2020).

Upon being released Phai Dao Din gave a speech on top of a pick-truck right in front of the prison saying the protesters would not retreat and that the ten days he was in prison made him feel that he had not lost anything at all from all that he had done.

He reiterated the protesters’ deadline that Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha step down by tomorrow if not he would run into the protesters again.

He then shouted, “Let go of our friends”

Various protest groups had started gathering in front of Bangkok Remand Prison on Ngamwongwan road from late afternoon onwards to pressure for the release of their leaders still behind bars and are camping out there overnight to show support for them.

Their rally led to the traffic on the outbound side of this road being quite congested but policemen are directing it while volunteer guards are keeping a control of the rally.

Meanwhile a large number of people in Sukhothai province put on their yellow shirts and gathered at King Ramkhamhaeng Monument within Sukhothai Historical Park in a show of strength and display of loyalty to the monarchy.

Some important people of this province attended this gathering and among them were Mr. Chusak Kirimasthong, the Palang Pracharath MP from this province,  Mr. Manu Pukprasert, a former MP, Mrs. Pansiri Kulanatsiri, as well as civil servants, local leaders and members of the private sector.

The royalists filled the courtyard in front of King Ramkhamhaeng statue and raised photos of His late Majesty King Rama IX and His Majesty King Rama X as well as waved the Thai national flag to display their loyalty.


Top: Phai Dao Din addressing the rally-goers in front of the prison soon after his release.

First below: Yellow-shirt rally in Sukhothai.

Second below: The protesters in front of Bangkok Remand Prison today. Photos: Thai Rath

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