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Protesters set deadline for PM to quit by 10 p.m. tonight

THE People’s Party representatives and their ally issued a deadline in front of Bangkok Remand Prison at 10.10 a.m. this morning (Oct. 24) for Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha to step down by 10 p.m. tonight while inviting all groups to join together and map out their strategy, Thai Rath newspaper reported.

Mr. Songpol Sonthirak, speaking on behalf of People’s Party, and Mr. Jatupat Boonpattararaksa, or Phai Dao Din, as head of his Khon Kaen group, invited people from all walks of life, students and artists to join together in creating a colourful gathering and working out activities under the concept “Must chase out Prayut, must read books and must do homework.”

The People’s Party thinks that change can be made if all sectors and other groups, including the people, work together and map out gatherings while confirming their three demands, with these being that Parliament be dissolved, the authorities stop intimidating the people and the Constitution be amended, while also insisting on the release of all their friends.

Jatupat said his group and their allies want to create a process that truly belongs to the people to work out a strategy because they believe that even in the absence of leaders the movement can still move ahead.

He then announced the 10 p.m. deadline for Prime Minister Prayut to quit.

The protesters who had slept over in front of the prison last night had started going about their daily activities with one lane of Ngamwongwan road in front of the prison closed to traffic while policemen as well as volunteers were on hand to help manage the flow.


 Protesters in front of Bangkok Remand Prison this morning. Photos: Thai Rath



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