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Special parliament session on October 26-27

THE Cabinet has approved the promulgation of a Royal Decree to open an extraordinary parliamentary session for a general debate without vote under Section 165, TV Channel 7 and INNnews.co.th reported this afternoon (Oct. 20,2020).

Deputy Prime Minister Wissanu Krea-ngam said the government wants to hold this session quickly because parliament is reconvening on November 1.

The soonest it can be held is October 26-27 because October 21-22 are working days while October 23-25 are public holidays. The weekly cabinet meeting will be moved from Tuesday to Wednesday October 28.

Whether only the issue of the rallies will raised at the special session depends on  the government agenda for deliberation, he added.

However Wissanu could not say anything about the constitution amendment because he does not know the progress being made by the Internet Dialogue on Law Reform (iLaw), the House committee to study charter amendment and the opposition parties.

During a break at today’s Cabinet meeting  the song “Live in love, die loyally” was played and Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha asked for the speakers to be turned so that the ministers and the others present there could hear it.


Top: The House of Representatives with the overlaid Thai headline saying, “Opening extraordinary parliamentary session on October 26-27.” Photo: INN News

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