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PM insists he does not want to violate rights amid media move

PRIME Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha said after today’s (Oct. 20) Cabinet meeting that while he does not want to violate rights and liberties it was necessary for the police to get a court order to shut down some online media outlets for inciting divisions in the country, Thai Rath newspaper reported.

Gen. Prayut added that this government “will live in love and die loyally” like the lyrics of a song.

Regarding some demonstrations currently taking place in the country, he said it is the duty of all Thai people to come out and protect the institution and he is unable to force anyone on this issue.

Gen. Prayut added that in fact the media has helped build up the country for a long time now, particularly by protecting the interests of the people and the nation.

However, there have been cases where some media outlets have been agitating and overstepping the boundaries.

He therefore consulted with the police commander to take legal action against them and this required issuing closure orders because there were efforts to incite divisions in the country.

Nevertheless, he confirmed he does not want to violate anyone’s rights and liberties.

Meanwhile Voice TV likewise issued a statement this afternoon on a move to shut it down that so far it has not received any court documents ordering this step.

The Voice TV team confirmed that they adhere to professional media duties and have not distorted information while upholding democracy.


Top: Prime Minister Prayut addressing the Press this afternoon. Photo: Thai Rath




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