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Vendors deny being CIA agents as teased by amused netizens

A COLOURFUL development from the demonstrations that have been taking place over the past few days is a online thread that jokingly questions whether food vendors are CIA agents in disguise because they always show up at the protest venue before anyone else gets there, Sanook.com reported today (Oct. 20, 2020).

In trying to get an answer to this question Sanook.com reporters quizzed some vendors at Kasetsart intersection, which was the main site of yesterday’s protest, as to how they tend to arrive before protesters, police and reporters.

Mr. Dang, a fried chicken vendor, said, “I heard the news at a Line group and also via some phone calls. Yesterday went to Victory Monument and sold out, if I hadn’t would have distributed the remainder free of charge. I don’t know why I came early, they called so I quickly came.”

Phee Moo, who sells fried meatballs, said, “I follow Facebook pages of the media and the Free Youth group, join the mob every day, sold out yesterday and there shouldn’t be any left today.”

Phee Prang, a vendor of safety equipment, said, “I look at the Free People’s Facebook page and since I already have the goods quickly came. Yesterday went to sell at Victory Monument, they took the lot.”

Phee Na, who sells orange juice, said, “Checked Facebook and then quickly came. Yesterday there was some left over because it rained. I was there when they sprayed water at the mob, but did not sell anything, ran for my life, I really pitied the younger ones. If today it doesn’t rain should sell well.”

Aunt Jit, who sells crispy pancakes, said, “I called the youngsters and quickly came because sometimes they don’t have anything eat, sometimes not all is sold and I give the remainder for free. I started following from Ratchaprasong onwards, there I got 250 baht, gave a loudspeaker to the youngsters. Today not so serious, if all sold, good, if not I will give what’s left away.”


Top: The fried chicken vendor’s stall. Thai headline says, “Not a coincidence.” Photo: Sanook.com

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