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Kasetsart intersection packed with protesters

THE huge demonstration at Kasetsart intersection this evening (Oct. 19) saw a political activist, some students and members of the general public taking turns in giving speeches in an orderly manner, Thai Rath newspaper reported.

One of the speakers, a girl student, told the demonstrators that today is her birthday and what she wants the most is democracy. They really appreciated what she said and sang happy birthday.

Mr. Sirawit Serithivat, or Sergeant New, a political activist, had joined this rally and gave speeches there.

 Meanwhile there was a group of volunteers going around with black garbage bags collecting trash..

At the second rally site in front of the Public Health Ministry the protesters from the Nonthaburi Free People group marched to the police station at 5.30 p.m. to ask why their leaders have been slapped with charges under Section 116 of the Criminal Code

The protester marched on foot from the rally site, where they had left one lane open for traffic flow, to Nonthaburi police station to ask station chief, Pol. Col. Sihadet Sarakopkaew, why he took this action when they had gathered in a peaceful way and most of those attending the demonstration were students.

Policemen from Nonthaburi and Rattanathibet stations were present at this rally site, which is near the MRT station, to facilitate the traffic flow.

Today’s third rally site was in front of Klong Prem central prison where the students who had brought loudspeakers with them took turns to give speeches in keeping the Free Youth group’s strategy encouraging anyone to be a leader.

At 6 p.m. the protesters paid respect to the national flag when the national anthem was played and laid flowers at the gate for their friends who are incarcerated there and then moved to join the bigger rally at Kasetsart intersection.


Today’s demonstration at three different points of the city. Photos: Thai Rath

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