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Order to suspend use of Telegram messaging app

A LETTER of instructions issued by the chief responsible for resolving a serious emergency situation, number 11/2020, wants the Office of the National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission (NBTC) to suspend the use of Telegram messaging application, Sanook.com reported this afternoon (Oct. 19).

This action was taken after protesters moved to distribute news through such apps.

The online world shared the announcement issued by the chief responsible for resolving a serious emergency situation requesting action to suspend the proliferation or deleting computer data to the NBTC.

To meet this order the Ministry of Digital Economy and Society has asked NBTC to notify internet service providers and all mobile network service providers to suspend the use of Telegram app.

Yesterday (Oct. 18) the Free Youth group announced a change in the distribution of information about the rallies with this to go through Telegram app. More than 160,000 followers have already linked up to the Free Youth group here.

Telegram is a messaging app with a focus on speed and security and is synced across all devices. It has over 400 million active users.


Top: A concept image showing Telegram app on a computer keyboard. Photo: Sanook.com

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