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Thaksin to Thammanat: Don’t spend money on elections

FORMER Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra inferred in a Clubhouse chat, where he uses the alias Tony Woodsome,  that controversial Deputy Agriculture Minister Thammanat Prompao was recently elected secretary-general of ruling Palang Pracharath Party because he has a lot of money to spend in the next election, Siam Rath newspaper said.

Thammanat was said to have been convicted and jailed in Australia in a case involving heroin, and was linked to a murder case of an academic whose body was dumped in Si Sa Ket in 1998, but later acquitted. His involvement in the latter case led to the removal of his military rank but it was reinstated later, Bangkok Post  reported.

Thaksin said he knew Thammanat while studying at Armed Forces Academies Preparatory School with the latter being his junior. 

However Thaksin added that he has never worked with Thammanat. When the latter joined  Pheu Thai Party for a while, he did talk to him and found that he was determined to grow politically but then this was his personal matter.

When Thammanat left Pheu Thai Party to join Palang Pracharath Party, he was informed accordingly.

Thaksin mentioned that today Thammanat is secretary-general of Palang Pracharath Party but he could not criticise them because each party has its own strategies.

The former premier added that Palang Pracharath could see Thammanat as someone willing to spend money with having to splash out in the next general election being on their mind.

He also said that in Thailand whenever there is an election a lot of money is spent which is not at all good for the country.

Right now some other parties too are also busy raising money to use for this purpose and all this has a negative impact on the country, he said.

“I want to tell him, don’t do this. If we come up with good policies, and are able to fulfill our promises to the people, they will support us.

“Khun Thammanat should realise that when there is criticism, he should listen and then improve himself to be a good politician and have a good future.” 


Former prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra. Photo: Siam Rath


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