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Demonstrators take a day off to rest

AFTER demonstrators were called to assemble at all stations at 6 p.m. today (Oct. 20) to give the three-finger salute after paying respect to the national anthem the Free Youth group revealed its big surprise, which is that there is no surprise, because they decided to halt rallies for a day, Sanook.com reported.

In its message the group said their page had announced that a big surprise is forthcoming, but there is none today because it was decided to halt rallies for a day with a deadline set for the government to accept their demands.

If these demands are not accepted an appointment will be made for the next big rally.

The message said the following:

“Feudalism shall perish and citizens will prosper!

“Big surprise is there is no surprise today, rest today. For almost a week we have fought together bravely. However, the government does not believe that the fall of feudalism is pending.

“If they do not accept our demands, get ready together to hear the next big appointment tomorrow. (This one is not a curry)”


Top: Some demonstrators giving the three-finger salute at a station this evening after paying respect to the national anthem at 6 p.m. Thai headline says, “resting to have some curry.” Photo: Sanook.com

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