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Star witness in Red Bull heir case dies in road accident

THE KEY witness in the hit-and-run incident involving Vorayuth “Boss” Yoovidhya that led to a policeman’s death in Bangkok on September 3, 2012 also died in a motorcycle crash in Chiang Mai during the wee hours of this morning, Naewna newspaper reported this afternoon (July 30, 2020).

Pol. Col. Ronnachai Rodloy, head of Phuping Rajanivej Police Station in this northern city, said evidence from CCTV clip showed that at 2 a.m. the witness, Mr.  Charuchart Madthong, 40, who is from Chiang Rai province, was riding his motorcycle behind that of the other victim in this accident but when he reached Fah Thani junction he raced to overtake but failed to do so.

This manoeuvre led to his motorbike getting entangled with that of the other victim, after which he bounced off with his head hitting the traffic island and getting seriously injured. The other man too was seriously injured.

Both were sent to Maharaj Nakorn Chiang Mai Hospital for treatment but Charuchart later died. The second victim has since recovered and gone home and will be summoned for questioning tomorrow.

A check at the hospital found that both men were drunk as both had alcohol in their blood stream.

Pol. Col. Ronnachai also mentioned that it was only later that he found out Charuchart was a key witness in the Red Bull heir case but he does not see this as an issue and will speed up investigating the accident.

Meanwhile Charuchart’s relatives came from Chiang Rai to take his body back home for funeral rites. His parents did not come because they were preparing the ceremony and the relatives that came said they had no knowledge of his involved in this high-profile case.


Top: The star witness in the Red Bull heir case (inset) and one of the two motorcycles involved in the accident. Photo: Naewna

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  1. Witnesses did not get a clear look at the driver of the car, but said it was travelling at least 1,255 kilometres an hour when the motorcycle swerved in front of him.

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