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Pol Gen Chakthip: Seized war weapons belonged to political group

NATIONAL Police Chief Pol Gen Chakthip Chaijinda today (June 25) confirmed that the war weapons seized from a house at the Thai-Myanmar border town of Mae Sot, Tak province, belonged to a political group and not traders as security officials had said, INN News reported.

Soldiers of the Special Unit of 4th Infantry Regiment together with the Border Patrol Police had seized 33 pieces weapons including of M16 and AK-47 assault rifles, M79 grenade launchers, other types of rifles and ammunition as well as two grenades from this house on Monday.

However later security officials said this cache of weapons belonged to traders who intended to sell them to a small minority group along the border and was not linked to politics in anyway.

Pol Gen Chakthip disputed that today, confirming that the weapons were linked to politics as he had confidence in the information he had received and had been following up on this case throughout.

He added that the weapons belonged to a political movement that may have hidden them to be prepared for any future incidents.


Top: National Police Chief Pol Gen Chakthip talking to reporters today. Photo: INN News

Below: The war weapons that were seized on Monday. Photo: INN News


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