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Hundreds of revellers brazenly pack together in Pattaya last night

BOTH Thai and foreign merrymakers totaling hundreds threw caution to the wind and gathered in a tightly-packed crowd to eat and drink alcohol at a market in front of Pattaya’s Tree Town Night Market last night without worrying about spreading or catching Covid-19 infection, Naewna newspaper reported today (June 25, 2020).

At 11 p.m. last night Pattaya City police dashed to the fun spot in Bang Lamung district, Chonburi province, and saw that lots of people had brazenly flouted social distancing rules and were sitting close to each other eating and drinking alcohol. Along the footpath in front of this market were some women wearing shiny clothes but not face masks talking to both Thai and foreign tourists.

There were also lots of motorcycles parked along both sides of the road.

Just on Sunday June 21 Pattaya administrative officials and police officers had to gone to inspect this very spot and there are regular patrols in this area.

However when the policemen were out of sight a large number of both male and female Thai and foreign tourists gathered together out there without heeding government’s measures to prevent Covid-19 infection.

The milling together of this large a crowd led to people living in the area and those who usually pass by to panic and they now do not dare to come close to it for fear of catching coronavirus infection.

They urged the authorities to quickly take steps to resolve this problem.


Hundreds of people packed together at the market in front of Tree Town last night. Thai headline says, “Dropped one’s guard?!?!”Photos: Naewna

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