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Huge waves damage sea wall at Khao Lak

STRONG waves higher than two metres smashed and destroyed parts of a sea wall then started pounding and eroding a wide coastal area of Khao Lak tourist zone of the southern Phang Nga province today (June 9), INN News reported.

As the powerful southwestern monsoon which is now covering the Andaman Sea and parts of Thailand has strengthened, with this worsened by a low pressure cell over upper Bay of Bengal, it has led to waves from the Andaman Sea rising two metres and higher than that in areas where it is raining.

The sea wall at Khao Lak, which hoteliers and people living in Takua Pa district had themselves built, failed to withstand the huge waves and collapsed at many points. This led to these massive waves moving in and pounding a wide coastal area, eroding parts of it. At some points the waves reached 20 metres inland.

Mr Sayan Kitchmano, a disaster prevention and mitigation official, said these two-metre high waves are continuously smashing the coast turning Phang Nga into a surveillance zone because these waves may affect the people living onshore.


Massive wave relentlessly hammering Khao Lak coast today. Photos: INN News



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