Popcorn and drinks allowed in movie halls

MOVIEGOERS will be delighted to hear that the Public Health Ministry today (June 9) came out to state that they may eat popcorn and consume soft drinks in movie halls but have to put their face mask on again after they are through, PostToday reported.

Dr Phanphimon Wipulakorn, director-general of the ministry’s Department of Health, said the ministry never forbade having snacks in the theater but the operators and moviegoers have to follow key measures with these being as follows:

  1. Exit and entrances be controlled with registration mandatory;
  2. The staff and moviegoers wear cloth or surgical masks;
  3. All surfaces be cleaned and waste disposed daily;
  4. Arranging for hand washing points and alcohol gel;
  5. Control the number of people to reduce congestion;
  6. Social distance of at least one metre.

“There will be cleaning between shows with this leading to longer intervals,” she said.

There are also other specific measures that movie hall bosses have to follow with these being as follows:

  1. Staff and movie buffs have to be checked every time to ascertain whether they have fever, are sneezing, have a runny nose or are tired and gasping. If so they are not allowed in/not allowed to work and told to go see a doctor. A second round of registration required before entering the hall;
  2. Control or refrain from holding activities such as musical performances;
  3. Arrange two empty seats for every two occupied and alternate empty and occupied rows. Movie halls were reopened for the first day today in Phuket and Dr Phanphimon stressed that both movie hall managers and tourists have to strictly control the spread of Covid-19. She suggested that lunch hour be rearranged to prevent congestion;
  4. Arrange good ventilation system and clean the air-conditioners regularly;
  5. Refreshment stands have to follow hygiene measures and arranging queue positions;
  6. Publicize how the public should conduct themselves in movie halls;
  7. Use technology to reduce the spread of this infection.


A movie hall the in the current Covid-19 times. Photo: PostToday


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