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Survey: Pandemic woes could lead to 66.4% poor students dropping out

A FIELD survey shows that 66.4% of poor students will lose the opportunity to study further if they do not continue getting state assistance during the current Covid-19 pandemic with 97.1% saying they intend to help others in turn if they are successful in life, PostToday reported this afternoon (3.5.2020).

Asst. Prof. Dr. Noppadon Kannika, Super Poll’s director, said the field survey of the feelings of the poor children amidst the coronavirus difficulties was held during April 20 to May 2 with 553 being questioned. This was both a quantitative and qualitative research conducted via telephone, by visiting them and by gathering information from social media.

Initial survey results show that during the current coronavirus pandemic there is a total of 732,843 poor students nationwide. They have been taken care of by various government units under the Equitable Education Act for the past two years.

The majority, 92.6%, said state help covered their food and cost of living expenses while 43.9% got assistance with their education. A total of 23.7% said their parents received help and they had jobs and were developing their professions while 20.5% mentioned that the state funds met their travel and other expenses.

The key issue to consider is that if no assistance if forthcoming from the government during the current pandemic 80.4% said they would face difficulties to the upmost level while 19.6% said they would be affected very little or not at all.

What is worrying is if government assistance does not reach them right now 66.4% would not be able to continue their education while 33.6% would be able to do so.

However it is interesting that the majority, 53.2%, stated that continuous monthly assistance started during the government Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha but 46.8% said this began before that.

It is heartening that 97.1% of the poor children want to help others to the best of their ability if they are successful in life.

Super Poll said the survey clearly shows that it is not possible for most very poor children to continue studying if state agencies do not help them. It pointed out that government units could use various funds to quickly channel help, underscoring that they should not wait until they hear their pleas for assistance because these children do not have a loud voice unlike people in social media.


A poor student who is hoping to get a chance to continue studying. Photo: PostToday

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