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Two feuding ex-policemen injured in fierce gunfight

LIKE A SCENE in an action movie two former policemen, who are brothers-in-law with a long-running feud, engaged in a firefight in Petchaburi province last night (August 19) with both getting injured, one very seriously, Naewna reported today.

Pol. Capt. Attawut Somchan, duty officer at Khao Yoi police station, said after examining the scene of the shootout that a pickup truck parked on the road in front of a house had several bullet holes in it with there being a shotgun, four shells and eight bullets in a shoulder strap within the vehicle.

There were more shotgun and 9mm pistol shells scattered in front of a coffee shop and the house. Two vehicles parked at this house, a pickup truck and a sedan, also had several bullet holes in them.

An investigation revealed that Pol. Capt. Sutee Phaeloi, 51, who has resigned from the police force, had driven up to the house of Pol. Capt. Prayut Boonchuay, 61, who has retired and is married to his older sister, and opened fire at it with his shotgun.

Pol. Capt. Prayut came out of his house and used his 9mm pistol to fight back, running around Pol. Capt. Sutee’s pickup truck as he did so.

Both got injured with Pol. Capt. Suthee shot twice in the chest and once in the thigh which had broken, while Pol. Capt. Prayut was shot in the left shoulder.

Relatives quickly rushed both of them to the hospital while police said they would both be detained for investigation once they had recovered.


The scene of the gunfight between the two former policemen who are related to each other last night.  Photos: Naewna


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