Residual amount of coronavirus ‘cannot infect anyone’

QUESTIONS are arising about the meaning of residual amount of coronavirus after two Thai women were found to have this low amount in their body this week and both are now under medical supervision, reported today (August 20, 2020)

Both the women, one 34 years old and the other 35, had returned separately from United Arab Emirates in June and then released after clearing 14-day coronavirus quarantine, with one going to Chaiyaphum and the other Loei province. However both returned to Bangkok this week for another round of tests at Ramathibodi Hospital as they wanted to go aboard and both were found to have residual viral load.

Mr. Pakphum Dejhassadin, a medical technologist and owner of the popular Doctor Panda Lab page, explained that residual amount of this deadly virus is like sugarcane waste, we have already taken all we could from it but the waste does show that it was sugarcane plant before being so demolished.

Just as sugarcane waste cannot be used to grown new plants so too coronavirus residue cannot replicate.

That it shows up in lab tests is because cutting-edge technology can detect the DNA fragments of this virus but it can no longer disease the host or anyone else because only a fraction of its body remains.


Top: A doctor testing a patient for disease. Thai headline says, “answering questions.” Photo:


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