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Big rush for booze after ban eased

THE first day of the easing of the alcohol ban today (3.5.2020) saw people rushing into malls and other retail outlets to buy as many bottles and cans of these drinks they could lay their hands on from early in the morning, Sanook.com reported.

People pushed and shoved to grab liquor and beer without bothering about the coronavirus pandemic and the social distancing required to keep them safe.

The limited easing of the alcohol ban permits people to drink alcohol at home and not in restaurants.

The decision represents an about-face by the government, which said earlier last week that the alcohol ban would remain in effect until May 31 after it renewed the emergency decree for another month. Restaurants will not be allowed to serve alcohol as part of the condition for their reopening from today. Pubs and other entertainment venues where alcohol is served will stay closed, Bangkok Post reported.

Businesses and other venues allowed to reopen today include hair salons, markets and street vendors, food shops outside shopping malls, telecommunication service shops and non-team sports facilities.

People flocked into many department stores in droves to buy alcoholic drinks as soon as they were opened and they was a lot of pushing and shoving to get hold of the products.

A Facebook member “”Chomphakdi Terdrattanapong” shared a video clip of the scene behind a mall in Bangkapi area showing people scrambling to buy cans of a famous beer brand. As far as he could make out they were mostly retailers keen on reselling the beer at their shops.

Another Facebook member “Sathidporn Wachareevong Na Ayutaya” wrote about a long line of people waiting to buy booze at a retail shop in Bangphlee area of Samut Prakarn province from 7.30 a.m. onward.


A long queue of buyers outside a retail outlet in Samut Prakarn and a jam-packed alcohol section of a mall this morning.Thai headline says, “Flocking in to buy liquor and beer after ban relaxed.” Photos: Sanook.com



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