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Thankin’s daughter denies he is distributing 3,000 baht free cash

FORMER prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra’s youngest daughter, Paethongthan, or Ing, today (2.5.2020) confirmed that her father is not giving away 3,000 baht free cash as stated in a post widely shared on Thai social media, Sanook.com reported

In the fake post there is a photo of Thaksin with adjacent text inviting people to click the link to get the money and there is also confirmation that the money was really transferred.

Ms Paethongthan published a post on her Facebook page to explain this phenomenon:

“Tired of people not reading, so please read, this is just one example that people sent to have a look (there are many others). Right now a lot of people are suffering because many places have not reopened and many big companies have been impacted by Covid-19, all are affected.

“Would to repeat to everyone that my father and our family did not create this link to give away money so don’t be fooled.

“My family has donated medical instruments, N95 face masks and PPE sets to some hospitals, and also helped in various other ways but only through Thaicom Foundation, so news of other channels would only have been cooked up.

“Would like everyone to be very careful. Hoping for everyone to be strong, keep fighting, and giving lots of encourage to all.”

Yesterday Peathongtarn together with her older sister Pintongtha went to donate five heart and vital signal monitoring devices, PPE sets and N95 masks to Ramathibodi Hospital.


The fake post saying that Thaksin is giving away 3,000 baht free cash, Thai headline says, “Dad is not distributing cash.” Photo: Sanook.com


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