Drive-in concerts and football matches in Denmark

THE new normal after coronavirus pandemic has led to innovative ways of getting around the social distancing and other restrictions necessary for survival and it is Denmark that leading the way with popular singer Mads Langer having recently performed at a sold-out drive-through concert while a Danish club is planning football drive-in.

This is certainly something for other countries, including Thailand, to look into as it would be difficult to continue strict lockdown measures for a long period, with weeks stretching to months.

According to a New York Post report, the drive-in concert took place at Aarhus, Denmark, with hundreds of drivers staying in their cars as they enjoyed the songs sung by Mads Langer at the sold-out performance.

The 500 tickets were sold within minutes after the concert was announced on just six days’ notice, Forbes reported.

“I’ve played many concerts in my life, but this is really a first,” Langer said from the stage to rows of neatly aligned cars that fanned out across a field.

Langer’s performance was broadcast into the cars via FM radio and attendees could interact with him through a Zoom video conference.

The concert was the first in a series of performances at the space on the outskirts of the city, with the stage also doubling as a drive-in movie theater on other nights.

“I’m trying to adapt to the new reality as a performing artist and hopefully spread a little sunshine in your cars,” Langer posted on Instagram.

Meanwhile BBC reported earlier that Danish Superliga leaders FC Midtjylland think if football is being played behind closed doors, being on the other side of that door is probably the next best thing

The league has come up with an ingenious idea to ensure their fans are as close as possible to the action while also remaining at a safe distance when the league eventually resumes with games being played in empty stadiums by joining a drive-in

The club plans to set up two big screens in their stadium car-park, with up to 2,000 parking spaces being made available.

It would allow up to 10,000 fans to tune into the TV commentary through their car radio.

Live footage of the car-park will then be screened inside the MCH Arena to enable players to feel the fans’ presence.

“We are working hard to create the best possible experience,” said Preben Rokkjaer, the club’s marketing director.

He explained the cub want to “give something back to the region and our many loyal fans”.

“We have a stated goal of creating the best stadium experience. Coronavirus does not change that, it just provides some other preconditions,” he added.

Of course, such plans need to incorporate every eventuality. What if, say, nature calls?

“You have to flash the lights, then a guard will come and pick you up and make sure the toilet is cleaned afterwards,” Rokkjaer told Danish newspaper BT.

He added that there will be prizes for the car dressed best in club colours.

The Superliga is currently planning to restart on May 17 with the season finishing by the end of July.


Top: Hundreds of drivers kept it in park as they enjoyed the tunes of Danish singer-songwriter Mads Langer at a sold-out performance in Aarhus, Denmark. Ritzau Scanpix/AFP via Getty Images published by New York Post

Below: An Instagram photo of Langer published by PostToday




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