Holidaymakers find Pattaya pool villa crawling with roaches and rats


A FACEBOOK member wrote about her hair-raising experience at a luxury Pattaya pool villa which she and her party had rented for two nights for 47,000 baht but instead of an idyllic holiday in opulent surroundings they found lots of cockroaches and rats running around the swimming pool, Naewna newspaper said.

The unidentified Facebook member said their stay at this eight-bedroom villa was really really shocking and scary.

She related that her group had arrived 10 minutes before check-in time with the housekeeper there to welcome them and she proceeded to relate a long list of house rules and this took all of 50 minutes to complete.

On the first day they found cockroaches at the swimming pool and a second floor bathroom. By evening there were dozens of cockroaches running around with some rats.

She phoned the housekeeper, who quickly came and called the owner, who said they would take care of it the next day. With that the housekeeper left.

In the meantime one of the air-conditioners leaked and while a technician came to fix it, it still continued leaking after he left.

Moreover, both the internet and mobile phone signals were poor.

On the second day the housekeeper came to fix the problem which was to stuff a piece of cloth to seal a hole in the bathroom pipe.

However doing so left the cockroaches on where to go so even more of them started running around the bathroom.

On the day to check out, the housekeeper was quick to evict them despite the owner not having returned the deposit. She and her party refused to budge and waited for the deposit.

The owner finally gave the deposit back plus a 3,000 baht discount for the problems they faced but did not even once apologise.


Cockroaches at a luxury villa in Pattaya rented for 47,000 baht for two nights. Photos: Naewna

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