Family’s holiday ruined after being given mouldy tent to sleep in

GOING viral on Thai social media is the experience of a family who ran into trouble at a tented accomodation in Nan province where the tent they had booked turned out to be mouldy and a staff member angrily told them either they stay there or take their money back and leave, said today (Jan 3).

A Facebook user related his family’s nightmare experience at this camp which they had chosen based on good reviews. They had chosen a waterfront tent and booked it online.

However on the day they arrived the tent was not as they had imagined it to be and when they checked it out they found that it was badly mouldy.

They then questioned a staff member about this musty tent, and were told, “if you can sleep in it, do so, if you can’t you can get your money back.”

An argument ensued at which point a second staff member stepped in and apologised saying they will be moved to another big tent.

However it turned out that the new tent was in front of the camp’s shared bathrooms with water flowing down from there past the front of this tent.

Ultimately the Facebook user and his family decided not to stay there and after finishing their dinner drove back to their home province Chonburi.

He added that there may be other good accommodations in this northern province but he and his family will definitely not stay at this camp.


The mouldy tent that this family was given to stay in at the Nan province camp. The Thai headline says, “If you can sleep in it, do so.” Photos:

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