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Motorcyclist riding one-handed dies after falling off bridge

A MOTORCYCLIST who was riding single-handed died after falling of a bridge on Rama 3 road at 10 a.m. this morning (July 10) leaving this motorbike parked at the very edge, INN News reported.

Pol. Capt. Sompong Kulkraichak, deputy inspector for investigation at Bukkhalo Police Station, said the body of Mr. Kiatipong Amporntaweesap, 43, who was fully clad in black was found lying dead supine in a pool of blood at the turning to Mahaisawan road.

His motorcycle with a messenger box on the pillion seat was parked at the edge of the bridge, which at that point is around 10 metres above ground,  with there being a long scratch mark on it.

CCTV clip showed that the accident victim was riding one-handed and appeared to be searching for his mobile phone with the other.

People in the vicinity who saw the accident told Por Tek Tung rescuer, Mr. Naret Khunsri,  that as they stood by the roadside they suddenly saw a man falling off the bridge and a loud sound was heard when he hit the ground, which prompted them quickly call the rescuers but he had already died.

They added that motorcyclists are not allowed to use this bridge.

Police said they will collect more evidence and go through the  CCTV clip again to ascertain whether this was accident.


The spot where the motorcyclist fell off the bridge and his motorbike parked at the side. Thai headline says, “Motorcyclist falls off Rama 3 bridge.”Photos: INN News

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