Wildlife team thrilled at filming healthy leopard, panther at national park

KLONG Lan National Park officials together with World Wildlife Fund Thailand shared hard to capture images and a video clip of a leopard and a panther at this forest in Kamphaeng Phet province as it indicates that both the animals living there and the forest itself are in healthy condition, Naewna newspaper reported yesterday (July 9, 2020).

These impressive photos and video clip were posted at this national park’s Facebook page with an accompanying message saying that the team was hoping to get images of lions and it was the fifth time running the automatic video camera that they got a recording of its strongest rivals – a leopard and a panther.

In the clip the two big cats that came together seem to be showing off how healthy and strong they are, which led to the team being confident this forest is still abundant with all that is needed being to leave these animals alone.

This national park sprawls over mountain ranges to west of the province, covering some 300 square kilometres of land, with peaks reaching as high as 1,400 metres. Virgin jungles act as filters for the rain that falls and flows into streams in the area, eventually reaching the Ping River.

The park’s waterfalls are a highlight, particularly the 95-metre high Namtok Khlong Lan and nine-level cascading Nam Tok Khlong Nam Lai. A smattering of protruding rock formations in a stream, called the Kaeng Ko Roi, (“Hundred Island Rapids”) is also a favorite local sight.

Overnight camping is permitted at the Khlong Lan National Park headquarters which is 60 kilometres from town near Khlong Lan waterfall. The park is open from 9 5 p.m. Admission is 200 baht a person and an additional fee of 100 baht a car will be charged for visitors driving a personal vehicle.



Watch video shared by Naewna newspaper below:



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