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Sword stolen from Late King Taksin’s statue found, returned

CHANTHABURI police have found the sword stolen from Late King Taksin’s statue and put it back at its original place and are now hunting for a mentally disturbed man who lives near the monument, Sanook.com reported this morning (July 10, 2020).

The culprit who early yesterday morning had sped off with the sword, which is carved and inlaid with black pearls, had told the guard, “don’t tell the police, I am only borrowing it to fight drugs and once it’s over, will return it.”

Pol. Col. Yodchai Champathong, chief investigator of Chanthaburi police force, said detectives from this and nearby Buriram province had checked CCTV clips at various points to trace the thief until they found out he lived near the monument.

When they reached the house they met his father who told them that his son had a mental condition and when he brought the sword in, had told him that he had borrowed it from uncle guard to battle drugs, and after putting it down drove off on his motorcycle.

The father also said that his son had to go get medicine for his condition every three months but it seemed he had not been taking it regularly because a lot was left which indicated that his condition had deteriorated which was why he took the sword.

Police are now chasing him to take him to the hospital for treatment.

When they took the sword back to the monument the committee taking care of it and those who pay respects to Late King Taksin were overjoyed at getting it back.


Top: The sword being returned to Late King Taksin’s monument. Thai headline says, “returned.” Photo: Sanook.com

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