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MP hit with sexual harassment allegations apologises, not quitting


MOVE FORWARD MP Chaiyamparvaan Manpianjit who is facing allegations of sexual harassment apologised to the public  today (Nov. 3) but refused to resign from the party while trying to debunk the charges levelled against him, Naewna newspaper said.

Chaiyamparvaan, nicknamed Pu-ad and representing Bangkok, said he accepted the party’s resolution whereby 106 of 128 MPs and executive committee members attending the meeting on Wednesday evening had voted to expel him but this is short of 116 required to do so.

However another MP, Mr. Wutthiphong Thonglour,  an MP from Prachinburi, was expelled by a vote of 120.

At today’s press briefing Chaiyamparvaan countered sexual harassment charges filed by three women.

He said the first one, a campaign assistant, had chatted with him on Line app with the two of them agreeing to dine together.

After he was elected MP she sent a warm congratulatory message with the conversation submitted to the party executive committee.

Regarding the second complainant who had accused him of secretly photographing her, Chaiyamparvaan said in fact there was a photo shoot to create content showing that he was a new generation politician with the complainant herself having come up with the concept and they were assistants present and they were not alone.

Regarding the third complainant who said he had touched her, Chaiyamparvaan explained that he had been in crowded places and inadvertently came into contact with other people but there was no sexual intent in doing so.

He then apologised to her if his actions had made her uncomfortable while not having given her an opportunity to air her discomfort and that he would be more careful in future.


Top and Front Page: Move Forward MP Chaiyamparvaan Manpianjit bowing to apologise to the public and explaining his standpoint on the sexual harassment allegations filed against him. Photos: Naewna

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