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Price of sugar hiked by 4 baht a kg


THE CANE and Sugar Board last night (Oct. 27) announced a four-baht increase in the ex-factory price of sugar nationwide for the 2023/24 production season excluding VAT effective today, Naewna newspaper said.

The announcement, signed by Mr. Rit Wisetsin, the board’s deputy secretary-general and acting secretary-general, said the new ex-factory price is to be used in calculating retail prices of sugarcane and production and sale of this commodity.

The ex-factory price has now been set as follows:

1) White sugar up from 19 baht to 23 baht a kg;

2) Refined sugar up from 20 to 24 baht a kg.

Earlier yesterday Sub. Lt. Chakra Yodmani, deputy director-general of the Internal Trade Department, had sent a letter to the board to not increase the ex-factory sugar price.

He pointed out that while the price of the commodity in the global market is currently 26.50 baht a kg this should not be used as the reason to hike the price within the country because Thailand is a major exporter.

Each year approximately 10 million tonnes of sugar is produced with domestic consumption, both industrial and household, totalling 2.5 million tonnes leaving 7.5 million tonnes for export.

The board was urged to consider the impact of this price hike on consumers.


Sugar is now more expensive. Top photo: Thai Rath, Front Page photo: Matichon

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