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Chada’s son-in-law nabbed on bribery charges


By Thai Newsroom Reporters

A SON-IN-LAW OF Deputy Interior Minister Chada Thaiset was today (Oct.24) arrested on charges of demanding and receiving a kickback from a waterwork contractor in Uthai Thani, police said.

Verachart Rassamee, the mayor of Talukdu municipality in Taptan district of Uthai Thani where Chada himself is a native, was alleged of conspiring to demand and accept 600,000 baht in payoff cash from the unidentified contractor in exchange for a waterwork construction project in his jurisdiction and another in the capital district of the central province.

Verachart’s spouse is known as Altrika Thaiset, a daughter of the deputy interior minister.

Arrested alongside Chada’s son-in-law were Talukdu municipality undersecretary Thanapat Dulyathikarn, an assistant engineer attached to the municipality office and two others from whom the alleged payoff cash was seized.

The outspoken Chada has earlier vowed to suppress all figures of dark influence who may have thrived above the law as well as gunmen for hire throughout the country.


Top and Front Page: Kickback cash seized from two suspects with an image of Deputy Interior Minister Chada Thaiset’s son-in-law Verachart Rassamee inset. Photo: Thai Rath

Insert: Deputy Interior Minister Chada Thaiset. Photo: Sanook.com

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