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3 villagers killed, 2 missing in Phayao flash floods


By Thai Newsroom Reporters

THREE VILLAGERS WERE KILLED and two others missing due to last night’s (Oct. 14) torrential rain and flash floods in Phayao, officials said.

The three fatalities reportedly caused by the flash floods coming down the mountains to valleys occurred in Chiang Muan district of the northern province to which Agriculture & Cooperatives Minister Thammanat Prompao is native.

The authorities were searching Phayao’s low-lying district for the two unidentified villagers reported missing amidst the sweeping waters since last night.

Roads and bridges were severely damaged by the flash floods, forcing a temporary closure of road traffic in a subdistrict of Chiang Muan district with a tractor and an automobile floating along the currents, the officials said.

Elsewhere, roads and bridges were also considerably damaged by flash floods in an adjacent Dok Kham Tai district.


Phayao badly flooded over the past few days. Photos: Thai Rath

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