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A few lower Esaan provinces spared severe flooding


By Thai Newsroom Reporters

A FEW LOWER NORTHEASTERN provinces are being spared severe flooding which could otherwise wreak havoc without a water-holding dam during the weekend, officials said today (Oct.13).

Ubonrat dam in Khon Kaen is currently releasing no more than 15 million cubic metres of water daily onto Chi River running through the low-lying, agricultural and residential areas of Maha Sarakham, Roi Et, Yasothorn and Ubon Ratchathani at least for the time being. That compared to only six million cubic metres released daily from the major Esaan dam last week.

Nevertheless, the volume of rainwater from Ubonrat dam might probably increase daily if more excessive water started flowing from valleys and mountainous areas in Chaiyaphum down to Khon Kaen, the officials said.

Reservoirs in Chaiyaphum which are currently holding a large volume of rainwater might probably release excessive water with the probability of overflowing the dam and flooding those low-lying terrains on either side of Chi River later this month during which monsoon season is forecast to prevail.

The excessive water from above the dam would almost certainly force an increased volume of water to be released and overflow the river running through the lower northeastern provinces, they said.

Meanwhile, over 500 villages in nine districts of Chaiyapum have remained under water for a second week as the water has been fully contained by the local reservoirs following torrential rains.

An estimated 800,000 rai of rice, tapioca and sugarcane farms in Khon Sawan, Khon Sarn, Nong Bua Daeng, Nong Bua Raheo, Jaturat and the capital district, among others, was reportedly considerably damaged by sustained flooding.


Top and Front Page: Heavily flooded areas of Chaiyaphum province yesterday, Oct. 12, 2023. Photos: Thai Rath

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