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Padipat ‘technically’ ousted from Move Forward as new opposition leader moves in


By Thai Newsroom Reporters

DEPUTY HOUSE SPEAKER Padipat Santipada was yesterday (Sep.28) “technically” ousted as a Move Forward member to give way for the naming of the newly-voted Move Forward leader Chaithawat Tulanond as opposition leader.

The Move Forward executive board resolved to “technically” oust Padipat as partisan member in accordance with the constitution which prohibits a party from assuming the post of opposition leader alongside any cabinet seats or House Speaker or Deputy House Speaker seats in concurrent fashion.

In his capacity as leader of the largest opposition party, Chaithawat will concurrently become opposition leader at parliament now that the deputy House speaker has been “technically” removed out of his way.

Nevertheless, Padipat cannot only hold onto the second highest post of the legislative branch but keep his MP status intact by his “technical” ouster from the opposition party.

The deputy House speaker who is legally given a 30-day time to join another party to maintain his MP status will likely go for either the Thai Sang Thai or Fair Party, both currently being in the opposition bloc.


Deputy House Speaker Padipat Santipada. Top photo: Matichon, Front Page photo: Thai Rath

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