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Latest Pheu Thai-led coalition to do without Move Forward


By Thai Newsroom Reporters

THE LATEST PARADIGM of a Pheu Thai-led coalition government will likely do without the Move Forward, Palang Pracharath and Ruam Thai Sang Chart, said partisan sources today (Aug.1).

Whilst the Bhumjaithai under de facto party boss Newin Chidchob will almost certainly jump onto the bandwagon to strengthen the Pheu Thai-led coalition, the Move Forward will no longer be part of it and the Palang Pracharath led by Prawit “Uncle Pom” Wongsuwan and Ruam Thai Sang Chart under de facto party boss/caretaker prime minister Prayut “Uncle Tu” Chan-o-cha will be deliberately left out, according to the partisan sources who only spoke on condition of anonymity.

Whilst “Uncle Tu” has earlier offered to call it quits from politics after nine years in power following the 2014 coup which he staged as army chief and already resigned as member of the brand-new military party, “Uncle Pom” who is apparently still yearning to take the helm of government will not only fail to rise to power but see his own camp missed out from the latest Pheu Thai-led coalition, according to the partisan sources.

Whilst the Move Forward rank and file have unfalteringly insisted that they not ever join any coalition which might possibly consist of either “uncle’s camp”, namely the Palang Pracharath or Ruam Thai Sang Chart, Newin’s men have resolutely demanded that the Pheu Thai-led coalition do without the Move Forward.

The Pheu Thai, the country’s second largest elected party under de facto party boss/deposed prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra, has taken their turn to become core of the post-election coalition partners after the Move Forward, the No.1 largest elected party, had failed to muster adequate votes from the MPs and senators to land Move Forward leader Pita Limjaroenrat an elected premiership.

The latest Pheu Thai-led coalition will likely have an estimated 262 lawmakers on its side, including 141 Pheu Thai MPs, 71 Bhumjaithai MPs, 25 Democrat MPs, 10 Chart Thai Pattana MPs, nine Prachachart MPs and six others from splinter parties, the sources said.

Given the latest formula, Srettha Thavisin of the Pheu Thai will no longer need yea votes from any of the 249 senators, all of whom had been handpicked by both “Uncle Pom” and “Uncle Tu” to land him the elected premiership in the upcoming Friday’s joint House/Senate meeting in addition to those coalition MPs among whom the Move Forward MPs will no longer be included, they said.

Under the coup junta-designed constitution, a prime minister is legally obliged to secure a minimum of 375 votes, accounting for more than half the combined total of MPs and senators.

Given the utmost design to practically turn off the unelected senators’ contentious power to pick head of a post-election government alongside the elected MPs, the Move Forward will likely sacrifice cabinet seats in a Pheu Thai-led coalition government by adding votes for Srettha for prime minister and immediately opting out as leader of an opposition bloc at parliament, the partisan sources said.


Top: Pheu Thai candidate for prime minister Srettha Thavisin.

Front Page: Move Forward leader Pita Limjaroenrat, right, and Pheu Thai leader Chonlanan Srikaew, left. Both photos: Thai Rath

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