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Yet again – shopper’s slipper gets stuck in store escalator


JUST days after a woman’s leg was severed till the knee by a moving walkway at Don Mueang Airport a man shopping at Nonthaburi’s biggest mall on Saturday (July 15) narrowly escaped injury after his slipper got stuck in an escalator, Sanook.com said this morning (July 17).

Last Tuesday (July 11), an escalator at a shopping mall in the Bangna area suddenly jammed but the man who could have got ensnared and injured managed to jump clear and save himself.

Ms. Saranya (surname withheld), or Pook, 34, who works at one of the shops there filmed the incident and posted it on Tiktok.

Last evening reporters from this news website went to inspect this escalator located on the second floor of the shopping mall’s pink zone. Despite the shopper’s slipper getting stuck there the previous day, it was running as usual with a lot of people using it. Security guards periodically patrolled the escalator’s entrance and exit points.

Saranya related that it was at 10.59 a.m. on Saturday July 15 when the incident occurred. As she was in front of the shop holding her mobile phone she quickly filmed the slipper being stuck in the halted escalator with a housekeeper and a security guard trying to pull it out but failing to do so.

The 30-year-old man who narrowly escaped injury talked for a while on his mobile phone then walked away unharmed.

She added that she could not help wondering why it was so easy for the escalator to trap the slipper and that she is now fearful of using them.

The store’s management said in a statement the shopper’s slipper got caught in the escalator because he did not get off the final step on time with the store’s staff quickly switching it off and fortunately there were no injuries.

They added that their company takes proactive measures in maintaining all the equipment with experts hired to regularly check and service them.


The shopper’s slipper stuck in the escalator and store workers pulling it out. Photos: Sanook.com

Watch the video Saranya shared on Tiktok:


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