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Female drug suspect dies in fall from police station window


A THAI woman arrested on drug trafficking charges died after jumping out of the third-floor window of Bang Kruai police station, Nonthaburi, yesterday (July 14), Naewna newspaper said today.

Ms. Sawitree (surname withheld), 38, was arrested at 2 p.m. after a police team found 30 tablets of methamphetamine (Yaba) in her backpack. They had  gone ​​to Wat Sanam Nok Community to investigate upon being tipped off that there was a drug dealer there and then found out it was her.

The three policemen who arrested her said they brought her back to the station and took her to the third floor to record her arrest. The suspect cooperated fully and looked normal with a background check showing that she had a history of drug use.

After that, just as the three policemen were taking the weeping suspect down to the first floor for interrogation, upon reaching the staircase she suddenly rushed to the window and jumped down, dying on the spot.

One of the three policemen filmed the whole incident as he was walking behind the suspect while the other two were in front. Upon turning to go down the stairs she suddenly ran to the window and jumped down even as he called out to her to stop but she did not listen.


Top and Front Page: Bang Kruai police station and the third-floor window from where the female suspect leapt to her death.

Front Page: Blurred image of the suspect. All photos: Sanook.com

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