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Parts of Phang Nga flooded after days of heavy rain


TORRENTIAL rain lasting days led to parts of southern coastal Phang Nga province being heavily flooded with both houses and palm plantations inundated, Naewna newspaper said today (July 3).

Photos taken by a camera drone flown by Phatthalung province reporter shows the extent of damage at Khok Khian subdistrict, Takua Pa district, which isa low-lying area adjacent to Takua Pa river with runoff from Kapong district flowing through before draining into the sea.

Aside from houses over a hundred rai of palm plantations and fruit orchards are inundated with floodwaters being 50 cm high. Local residents have to move their cattle and other farm animals to an unflooded road further away for safety.

Although it has now stopped raining it will take one or two days for the floodwaters to drain to the sea and the situation return to normal.

Mr. Trithip Sakulpradit, Takua Pa district chief, said days of heavy rain led to floodwaters rising and this was exacerbated by runoff from Kapong district overflowing Takua Pa river. It had led to Khok Khian subdistrict and parts of  Bang Sai subdistrict being flooded.

Village headmen are inspecting the flooded zone with teams organised to help the flood victims. The district has also organised a Volunteer Defence Corps team and a fast-moving village security unit to help those affected all 24 hours.

It will take a day or two days for the floodwaters to recede, he added.


Heavily flooded Khok Khian subdistrict in Phang Nga’s Takua Pa district. Photos: Naewna

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