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Man held for stealing drainage system parts triggering heavy floods


TRANG police arrested a man on charges of stealing vital and expensive parts of the province’s drainage system triggering heavy floods in a subdistrict of this southern province, Matichon newspaper said this evening (Oct. 30).

Pol. Lt. Col. Sawanya Eadtrong arrested Mr. Permpol (surname withheld), 30, on the charges of stealing public equipment or accepting stolen goods after residents of Bang Rak subdistrict in Mueang Trang district who have been suffering from unprecedented floods noticed that the drainage system was not working and suspected parts were possibly missing.

Upon getting the complaint police investigated and found evidence pointing to the suspect having stolen a key part valued at 2 million baht and got an arrest warrant from court to apprehend him.

Police suspected that he had stolen other missing parts too but upon being questioned he confessed to having stolen some but not all of them.

He was arrested on a public road in the same flooded district and his motorcycle seized.


The suspect who was held on charges of stealing drainage system parts. Photo: Matichon

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