Thief steals school football team’s boots

DISHEARTENED today (Jan. 25) was a school football team after a thief stole all their boots just as they were about to start a match, said.

Mr. Torslur Ngorknavung, the football coach of Khon Sawan School, Chaiyaphum province, posted pictures of the students dressed in their team outfit but dejected after their boots were stolen.

They were to play in the round 8 of the football competition for under 18-year-olds at the provincial National Sports University Stadium but at the last moment found that their boots had been stolen.

However a CCTV in the vicinity did capture a clip of a car believed to be that of the culprit speeding away.

Torslur said this in his post: “For footballers not wearing boots is like going to war without weapons. We want to fight but we are unable to fight. Apologise for not taking everyone to the point we hoped to reach. This should not have happened, it’s a wasted opportunity.

“Sad, sad, very sad. I’m sorry kids, today is not our day.”


The young football team who lost their boots just as they were about to play. Photos:

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