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Chart Pattana Kla the 10th partner of Move Forward-led coalition


By Thai Newsroom Reporters

A TENTH PARTY with two MPs has joined the Move Forward-led coalition as the latest partner today (May 19).

The Chart Pattana Kla jumped onto the Move Forward bandwagon to add to a total of 316 MPs who will certainly endorse Move Forward leader Pita Limjaroenrat for prime minister.

Nevertheless, the latest coalition government is still 60 votes short of adequate support for Pita.

The military-designed constitution of 2017 calls for a partisan candidate for prime minister to secure yea votes from more than half the combined total of 500 MPs and 250 senators.

In the latest development, the 10-party coalition has constituted a united force of 316 MPs including the Move Forward with 152 MPs, the Pheu Thai with 141 MPs, the Prachachart with 9 MPs, the Thai Sang Thai with 6 MPs, the Pheu Thai Ruam Palang with two MPs, the Chart Pattana Kla with two MPs, the Thai Liberal with one MP, the Palang Sangkhom Mai with one MP, the Fair Party with one MP and the Mai Party with one MP.


Top: Move Forward leader Pita Limjaroenrat.

Front Page: Key Chart Pattana Kla members including party leader Korn Chatikavanij, third from left. Both photos: Thai Rath

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