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4 injured as jealous soldier attacks motorcycle taxi riders


A JEALOUS soldier attacked motorcycle taxi riders parked in front of his girlfriend’s milk shop in Rat Burana area with a sickle and two ping-pong bombs slightly injuring four of them, Amarin TV said today (Mar. 12).

At 4.30 p.m. yesterday Pol. Capt. Wisarut Thathong, a deputy inspector at Rat Burana station, was alerted of youths attacking each other with ping-pong bombs at the entrance of Soi Pracha Uthit 45 and rushed there with a team to investigate.

At a courtyard filled with shops and stalls they found four food delivery riders slightly wounded on their arms and body with shrapnel from a ping-pong bomb and they were all taken to a nearby hospital for treatment.

The attacker, only identified at PVT Abideen, 24, from the 11th Infantry Regiment, was walking around nearby and was pointed out by the victims.

Police questioned Mr. Khomsan, 38, who told them that  PVT Abideen had come home after getting two-day leave and was helping his girlfriend sell fresh milk at her shop. However motorcycle taxi riders usually parked just in front as they waited for delivery orders.

The soldier was consumed with jealousy and first used a sickle to chase the riders away.

He then called a friend and a man of around the same age with long hair rode up and gave him two ping-pong bombs. He flung one ping-pong bomb which hit the ground and exploded loudly but fortunately the other one was a dud or else more people would have got injured.

Police took  PVT Abideen to the station to calm down after which he will be sent to the army for disciplinary action. His friend who brought him the ping-pong bombs narrowly escaped and is being chased.


PVT Abideen being taken to the police station, right, and his friend who brought him the two ping-pong bombs, left. Photo: Amarin TV

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