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Chinese tourists’ school uniform fad reaches Phuket


WITH Phuket now bustling as a large number of both Thai and foreign tourists flock in, it is Chinese tourists who are making waves with their fad to take photos clad in Thai school uniforms at key downtown spots, Matichon newspaper said today (Mar. 11).

This trend among the Chinese tourists to wear Thai school uniforms while holidaying here had started a few years ago in Chiang Mai and its neighbouring provinces after the smash hit of the Chinese comedy film “Lost in Thailand”.

They particularly like taking photos so dressed at Chiang Mai University with the administrators having to set measures and provide facilities for these tourists and this continues to this day.

After that with the popularity of Thai movies and drama increasing among the Chinese who can track them via their smartphones, this craze to wear Thai school uniforms spread to Bangkok and now Phuket.

Dressed as Thai school girls and boys, the Chinese tourists like taking photos at Museum Phuket which with its clock tower standing high above the main building is a well-known landmark and the old town area.


Three Chinese women taking photos dressed in Thai school uniforms. Photos: Matichon

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