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Jealous policeman kills girlfriend but survives suicide attempt

A POLICE sergeant who travelled from Trang to Surat Thani province to clear problems with his girlfriend who worked at a petrol pump coffee shop shot her twice in the chest leading to her death while himself survived a shot in the neck, Thai Rath newspaper said this evening (March 14, 2021).

At 4 p.m. today Pol. Lt. Col. Praphan Kengneng, an inspector at Chaiya police station in Surat Thani, got a report of two persons being shot at a PTT pump in Lamet subdistrict, Chaiya district so rushed there with a colleague and rescuers.

At the scene he found Ms. Sumitta Chaibunmuang, 34, a resident of this same district, unconscious with two bullet wounds in her chest.

The other injured person was Pol. Sgt. Apichat Thongsai, 32, based at Sikao police station in Trang province. He had a bullet wound in his throat but the bullet had ricocheted to his face.

Both were rushed to Chaiya Hospital but Sumitta later died while Pol. Sgt. Apichat is in safe condition.

Eyewitnesses said before the shooting Pol. Sgt. Apichat had come to meet his girlfriend at her workplace, Chaiya coffee shop, located at the pump. After that the two of them talked for over an hour during which they argued fiercely several times.

Then Sumitta suddenly got up and ran to get help from her friend who works at Phun Thai coffee shop, which is next door to Chaiya coffee shop.

However Pol. Sgt. Apichat chased her and then fired the two fatal shots after which he shot himself.

While police said they had still to find out the clear motive for the murder, with Sumitta’s relatives to be questioned, they believe it stemmed from jealousy.


The scene of the murder at the petrol pump coffee shop. Photo: Thai Rath

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