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Low-grade meth pills, cheaper than soft drinks, entering Isaan


DRUG lords are sending cheap methamphetamine pills costing less than 10 baht each with the precursor being insecticide into the Northeast with 10 million of these pills seized over the past week, TV Channel 7 quoted senior Surasak Montri Task Force officers as saying today (Feb. 26).

Col. Suriwat Akkaporn-dechapong, head of 21st Ranger Forces Regiment, and his team said 204,000 low-grade meth pills had just been seized from a fisherman, only identified as Mr. Sathit, 25, a resident of Nakhon Phanom province who said he was paid 20,000 baht to transport the drug packed in two sacks.

The officers said these cheap meth pills, sold for only five to seven baht each, had the letters WY stamped on them.

Tests showed that the precursor is insecticide not amphetamine and consuming large amounts could be fatal.

These low-grade meth pills are now spilling across the border to capture young customers and workers. Frequent arrests indicate the drug barons are building a market for these cheap pills in the Northeast.

The 10 million meth pills seized over the past week were all of the same variety with the destinations revealed as being cities in the Northeast.

The authorities have beefed up drug suppression and border patrol to stem the flow of drugs from neighbouring countries.


Some of the cheap meth pills with insecticide being the precursor that were seized last week. Photo: TV Channel 7

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