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3 drug runners die in collision of two pickup trucks


THREE drug traffickers who were carrying 2.1 million methamphetamine pills in their pickup truck died upon colliding with another pickup truck in Mukdahan before dawn today (Feb. 22), Naewna newspaper said.

Pol. Lt. Col. Kittiwat Khonhan, an investigator at Mueang Mukdahan police station, was alerted of the collision at entrance of Wat Sri Sawang Ban Lao Lom, Na Si Nuan subdistrict, Mueang district, at 3 a.m. and rushed there Pol. Lt. Col. Suthisak Sonsa-at and some rescuers.

At the scene they found three men dead in a white Isuzu pickup truck who were later identified as Mr. Rathanon (surname withheld), 34, the driver, Mr. Detnarong, 37, and Mr. Anuwat, 28. 

Closeby was a white Toyota pickup truck driven by Ms. Natthanicha, 23, who was seriously injured and quickly taken to the hospital.

Within the Isuzu pickup truck was found 11 sacks containing around 2.1 million meth pills. The drug traffickers, who are all natives of this upper northeastern province, were driving from Na Si Nuan subdistrict to the city while Natthanicha was driving her vehicle from the city to Don Tan district when the two vehicles collided at this spot.

All three deceased men were taken to Mukdahan hospital to await their relatives collecting their bodies for funeral. At the same time Natthanicha was too seriously injured to give a statement.

Police said they will be investigating the source of the meth pills and already have some initial information where it came from. Both wrecked vehicles and the large amount of meth pills were taken to the police station for inspection.


The meth pills found in the wreck of the drug traffickers’ pickup truck. Photos: Naewna

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