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Trump mispronounces Thailand as ‘Thighland’

By AP, published by India Today, & Sanook.com

SPEAKING at a reelection campaign in Ohio, US President Donald Trump mispronounced Thailand as ‘Thighland’. Though the president immediately corrected himself, the faux pas immediately went viral on social media.

Trump was speaking during an event at Whirlpool Corporation facility in Clyde, Ohio.

“Four, five years ago, this place was a disaster. In 2017, Whirlpool won relief from the ITC (US International Trade Commission) once again. Once more, your foreign competitors moved their factories to prevent a level playing field, and to avoid liability, shifting production to Thighland, and to Vietnam,” he said. He repeated, correcting himself, “to Thailand and to Vietnam”.

Meanwhile many Thai netizens shared a video clip of Trump mispronouncing Thailand online with this leading to the hashtag #Thighland where this issue is specifically dwelt upon, Sanook.com reported.

Some Thai Internet users criticized Trump for speaking a lot throughout his presidency but others pointed out that other leaders too have mispronounced  names and this should not be used to attack him.

Trump was in Ohio to promote the economic prosperity that much of the nation enjoyed before the coronavirus pandemic and try to make the case that he is best suited to rebuild a crippled economy.

Earlier, Trump tweeted a video of his supporters in Ohio cheering for him. He said, “WE will WIN Ohio even bigger than we did in 2016 — MAGA is stronger than ever before!”

MAGA, or ‘Make America Great Again’ is a campaign slogan that is extensively used by Trump and his supporters.


Top: The US president accidentally pronouced Thailand as “thighland.” Photo: AP published by Evening Standard

Watch The Hill’s video clip on US President Trump pronouncing Thailand as “thighland”

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