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Police arrest 2 Democracy Monument rally leaders

TWO leaders of the July 18 rally at the Democracy Monument were arrested by Samranrat Metropolitan Police under warrants issued by the Criminal Court today (August 7), INN News reported.

One of the charges filed against the two men, Mr. Panupong Chadnok and Mr. Anon Nampha, is the appearing in public to create confusion and stir up defiance at gatherings of ten or more people and also taking action to cause chaos in the country.

They were also charged with arranging activities where participants mingled and had close contact with each other which made it easy to spread germs.

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An additional charge is the blocking of the public areas thus endangering public safety and blocking the traffic flow.

Yet another charge is the hanging up of material and using a power amplifier without permission.

Police underscored that the arrest of the two rally leaders was strictly carried out according to the law and the criminal procedure taking into account their basic rights. They will also be examined by a doctor before investigation.

The rally at the Democracy Monument on July 18 was arranged by the Free Youth group and the Student Union of Thailand to voice three demands – dissolve Parliament; draft a new Constitution; and stop intimidating the people by using the law and the pretext of security to silence them.


Top: The rally at the Democracy Monument on July 18 and the arrest warrant. Photo: INN News


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