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Apec signage in front of Govt House damaged


WITH all preparations for the the 29th Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (Apec) summit taking place from Wednesday Oct. 16 till Saturday Oct. 19 having been made including safety, convenience and orderliness the breaking of a part of a large signage welcoming leaders and delegates in front of the Government House today (Nov. 14) raised eyebrows, TV Channel 7 said.

At 3 22 p.m. this TV Channel’s news team reported that the letters P and E in Apec within the signage had broken and fallen on the plants in front of it.

They questioned how this could have happened because the material used to make it is quite strong while staff are now urgently repairing it.


The damaged Apec signage in front of the Government House with two letters having broken off and fallen on plants in front. The Thai headline asks, “How did it break?” Photo: TV Channel 7

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