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Stop Apec activists determined to set up parallel stage during summit


PEOPLE’S network activists who have grouped under umbrella “People Stop Apec 2022” movement insist that they will set up a parallel stage to air their views during the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (Apec) summit taking place next week from Wednesday Nov. 16 to  Saturday Nov. 19, Matichon newspaper said this afternoon (Nov. 13).

Ms. Pasarawalee Thanakit-wibulphol, or Mind, one of the leaders of this group, told Matichon that they were still assessing the situation as the government had announced a ban on gathering at 20 places during the summit.

“As far as I know, even more policemen have been called in, provincial police too have been roped in, on top of this is the newly announced closure of some places.

“We may have to adjust our tactics, find new routes, or find ways to get as close as possible,” she said.

Asked what they intend to arrange, Pasarawalee said her group mainly wants to set up a parallel stage to present views on how villagers would be affected by various policies Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha plans to present to the Apec summit.

One of them is the bio-circular-green economic model pitched as a solution for climate change and core strategy for sustainable economic growth. 

Pasarawalee said her group will reveal the impact these policies would have on the people if they are implemented and present the public viewpoint on these key issues.

“The other issue is that capitalist groups are heavily involved this time, at the parallel stage we will talk about this too, what they are trying to negotiate, we would like to reveal to the public that these capitalist groups are strongly linked,” she said.

Asked if her group is not able to find space or faces other issues how would they adjust their gathering, Pasarawalee said the participants are not just people from Bangkok with those from the province also joining in and no matter what a stage would be set up.

“We confirm that our voice must be heard in a concrete way this time for the government and the foreign forums to hear,” she said.

She is also confident the government would not use rubber bullets and other strong measures to break up the gathering as it would be an overkill and an embarrassment for the authorities in front of an international arena.


Ms. Pasarawalee Thanakit-wibulphol announcing the “People Stop Apec 2022” group’s intention to set up a parallel stage during the summit. Photo: Matichon

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This report has been updated to state that the Apec summit runs from Wednesday Nov. 16 till Saturday Nov. 19 and does not end on Friday Nov. 18. We regret this error.

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