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Wicha Mahakhun calls for close eye on Thitisan case

A LEGAL academic working on the National Police Act has called for a close watch on the progress of the Pol. Col. Thitisan Uttanaphon case, saying the former Nakhon Sawan Police Station Director likely displayed an intent to commit murder and may have backing from influential elements, NNT said today (Aug. 27).

National Police Act Draft Review Committee member, Wicha Mahakhun addressed persisting doubts around the arrest of Pol. Col. Thitisan, acknowledging the possibility the case may indicate a larger criminal conspiracy while pointing out an insider possibly leaked the video footage that led to the former director’s arrest.

On Pol. Col. Thitisan’s contention that he had no intention of commiting murder, Wicha pointed to Supreme Court ruling 533/60, which states that the use of a bag to cover the head of an individual is indicative of an intention to suffocate. He said the ruling sets a clear precedent for use in this matter.

The legislator further remarked that the case shows the modern power of social media, which has grown to be integral in countering corruption across the globe. He said that the video footage depicting the crime should be submitted and accepted as evidence.

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