Man drowns on Loy Krathong night with wife unable to save him


IT WAS a tragic Loy Krathong night for a couple living in Ayutthaya city with both of them falling into a canal linked to Rama 6 dam and when the wife who could swim lost strength the husband let go and drowned, Matichon newspaper said today (Nov. 9).

At 8.30 p.m. last night  Pol. Col. Theerawut Saengmanee, head of Tha Ruea police station, was alerted of a man having drowned at Rapeepat canal linked to this dam so coordinated with the Chao Phraya dive team to help search for his body.

Near Phra Narai floodgate police found an unidentified 44-year-old woman completely soaked and crying incessantly who told them that her 51-year-old husband had drowned.

She related that after work yesterday they had decided to come to this spot to float their krathongs because it was quiet while other places were very crowded. However just as they walked down to the edge of the canal her husband, who could not swim, slipped and fell into the water.

She tried to help but herself also fell into the water. Because they were close to the floodgate the strong currents quickly swept them to the middle of the canal, about 20 metres from the bank.

After a while as they both were about to drown, her husband let go of her hands without saying anything and drowned before her very eyes.

She then managed to swim to the edge of the canal and climbed to the bank and called for help.

Upon being informed of what had happened, staff at the dam closed the floodgates adjacent to the canal because the currents were very strong reaching four to six metres. 

It was 00.30 a.m. after four hours of searching that the dive team found her husband’s body. Upon being brought to the bank an examination showed no signs of injuries from a fight or having been attacked.

His body was taken to Thammasat Hospital for an autopsy after which to be released to his relatives for a funeral.


Divers searching for the man’s body at the canal linked to Rama 6 dam on Loy Krathong night. Photos: Matichon

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